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    Power BI: Dax: New column: If criteria occurs more than once return "1" with the last occurence

    Hi all, I have this table: I want to create a column "excludedUser" in which to return "1" when the column "status" says "ExcludedFromProject" But sometimes a user is accidentally excluded, and later included ("IncludedInProject") again. In the example above (rows in yellow) the first...
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    Keep columns , reorder them and delete the other columns

    Hi, I have a worksheet with these about 20 columns (somtimes more an sometimes less) which have been imported in Excel. These columns have to remain in the worksheet: First Name Middle Name Last Name Title Company CompanyProfile CompanyWebsite Email Phone Problem is that...
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    Power BI: Query Editor: Copy/duplicate query

    Hi, Is it possible in the query editor to make a copy/duplicate of a query? This "mother" query must feed the copy/duplicate with new data when it is refreshed. But it is important that the copy/duplicate doesn't refresh (connect to the datasource) itself. Thank you! govi
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    Problem with wildcards

    Hi, I us this code to mail clients with a maximum of 5 attachments. The paths to the the attachments are in range R1:V1 I need to use a wildcard because the attached files can be any extension. The paths I use now are: G:\AHC\01. AHB Primair Proces\05. Teammappen\03. Team CCH PP\1b...
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    Hi I have a macro which in the end mails a record(sends it to Outlook) The macro copies a record(from sheet import) to another sheet(mail), the copied record is removed from sheet import After that the copied record(which is now on sheet mail) is send to Outlook. The loop has to start with...
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    Hyperlink question

    Hi there, I have a hyperlink question: Cell A1 is empty In cell B1 is a name eg: CNN In cell C1 is a webadress eg: http://cnn.com In cell A1 I want the name(B1) containing the webadress from C1 I know I can do it with the Hyperlink function, but I need a macro because I don't want a...
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    Run macro every x minutes

    Hi there, I have a macro with a bunch of code. I want it to run every 5 minutes. Any suggestions? Thanks! govi
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    VBA code not working anymore

    Hi, My code for exporting a .gif of a range worked fine but lately I get an error at this line: chtObj.Chart.Export sFile Can anyone help solving my problem? Thanks, govi The whole code: Sub ExportGrafiekWorkoutdata() Sheets("grafieken_workoutdata").Select Dim sfilename As...
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    Code doesn't work anymore

    First of all a happy new year to you all. I have a macro which always worked perfectly. Now part of it doesn't doe it's job properly anymore: Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Application.ScreenUpdating = False If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub If Target.Column <&#62...
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    Macro to change formulas

    Hi I have a worksheet(02-01-2012) with formulas pointing to another worksheet: ='01-01-2012'!N10 I have made a macro which creates a copy of sheet 02-01-2012 and renames it to 03-01-2012. How can I change the formulas in sheet 03-01-2012 so that they point to 02-01-2012? I want to use...
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    First: find correct ID, than: match transaction codes

    Hi I have two files File 1: list of ID's with a set of transaction-codes they are allowed to possess in a computersystem we use. File 2: export from the system with the actual transaction-codes that are allocated. In the column "Control" I want the transaction-codes that don't match...
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    Copy paste to other sheets

    I have a sheet with 3 Columns: Column 1: company names(sorted) Column 2: product Column 3: sales I'm looking for a macro that copies the records from the same company to the corresponding sheets(comp1 goes to sheet comp1, comp2 goes to sheet comp2, etc) Can anyone help? I have included...
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    Select two months, hide the others

    Hi, I'm creating a timeline. I want to select two months in cell A1 and B1, the two months selected and the months in between have to bee visible the other ones have to be hidden Is this possible? I have included a example file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12607909/example.xlsx I could...
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    Return sum of range from other file

    Hi, I can't find the right formula for my problem. I have two files: File A and File B In File A is a column with Id numbers In File B is a column with ID numbers and to the right columns with transactioncodes. When a transactioncode is active for an ID number there is a "1" in the cell...
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    VBA code only works once

    Hi, I have VBA code that moves a row from my "todo" sheet to another sheet as soon as I fill in "finished". The problem is that it doesn't work very well. It only works when I restart Excel. When I fill in "finished" after I use other macro's or Autofilter it doesn't work anymore. I have to...
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    Collapsing charts

    Hi, I have a couple of charts on a dashboard which are displayed there with the use of the cameratool. Every time I print the dashboard(paper and pdf) the source charts(which are on another sheet) collapse. Links to the before and after pictures: www.excelutions.nl/download/before.png...
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    Macro to password protect all xls files in folder

    Hi, I'm looking for code that can password protect all files(so they need to know the password to open it) in a folder. Can anyone help? Thanks, govi
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    VBA search with variable

    Hi, I want to perform a search with a variable: Sheet1: in cell A1 you put the search variable Then you activate a macro that will lookup the variable in sheet 2 column 3 and select it
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    Movie fan?

    The top 250 best movies of all time map: http://www.slashfilm.com/wp/wp-content/images/zz77e4364e.jpg I like it!
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    Excel to web

    Hi, I report now using pdf and interactive Excel workbooks. I'm looking for a solution which can put my (interactive) reports in a web environment(intranet) Any suggestions? govi
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    Offtopic: Avatar(icon)

    Hi, I see that Chandoo and JP got a bright and shiny avatar(icon). But I dont see an option to change mine. Is that correct? govi