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    Excel Resources - Excel 2007

    I notice that a large worksheet creates Excel resource errors at about 100 columns. Memory is not the culprit but rather Microsoft's sizing of stacks or heaps where pointers keep track of things is. I don't understand why Microsoft imposed this limit while expanding the spreadsheet rows and...
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    New question within an existing topic

    Is there a way to highlight that a response to a post has an additional question as part of a response? For example, a recommended solution works but the overall effect creates another problem. If the respondent could tag or trigger a flag that shows all members that another question exists, it...
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    Links not working when I open up a 2003 spreadsheet in Excel 2007

    I discovered that the file name length restrictions in 2003 (I think it was 256 characters) remain the same in 2007. I had the same problem and by shortening the names, the links worked.
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    Dynamic Chart Plotting

    I followed the example and it worked fine using the offset formulae. My chart showed the correct range and excluded blank or zero rows. However, when I ran a macro (filter command) that replaced the data rows with new information, the chart displayed erroneous data. I checked all references in...
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    Axis colors that match values (red text = negative value)

    The suggestion works great. One should know that the example shown on the Andy Pope website are for 2003. I did find it much easier to do the line graph work by initailing seting the values higher to make it easier to select the individual lines. After all formating was complete, I changed the...
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    Axis colors that match values (red text = negative value)

    This looks very promising. I'll give it a try and report back. Thanks, Mark
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    Axis colors that match values (red text = negative value)

    Chandoo, this worked very well for the column data labels. What I want to do if it is possible is to change the text of the axes descriptions to match the colors I have created in the source data. For example, the X axes labels below in my spreadsheet are colored Test 1 (Black text) Test 2...
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    Axis colors that match values (red text = negative value)

    Now that is just too cool - and simple, you are the master! Thanks for the help. Mark
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    Axis colors that match values (red text = negative value)

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how a chart can display a text color based on the data value. for instance, on a bar graph, I want the positive values to show black text and the negative values to display red text. I can make the text color match the value (conditional formatting) but the...
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    Display filename/tab of a linked spreadsheet

    Thanks Justin, I will give it a try. Mark
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    Display filename/tab of a linked spreadsheet

    Hello, first time poster to the forum. We want to display the filename/tab of the linked spreadsheet that provides the data in an adjacent cell. We can do it by linking to a cell with file name / tab, but we would like to do it by looking at the linked formula and pulling the filename / tab from...