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  1. K

    Fruit Calculation

    Hi Excel Ninjas, I have a table of fruit selling. In this table there are certain categories for the customer to have different price for different booking window. Start from last minute order 1-6 days in advance will get 5% upto 90 days in advance will get 25% of Banana Master Price. I would...
  2. K

    Fruit List

    Hi Excel Ninja, Friendly greeting! I have one Raw data contain of Report of Fruit list that sold on Multiple months. You will see three different tab, and my expectation is to arrange the data based on monthly report. I have been trying to use different formula ie: Vlookup...
  3. K

    Converting Date

    Dear Excel Ninjas, friendly greeting! currently i have small challenge in converting the date based on my expectation. I've been trying to find resources in google or youtube, but none have the same sample like what i have. I had attached the sample, do you mind to advise what is the proper...
  4. K

    Changing Date Format

    Hi Excel Community, good morning, my name is Keanu. Recently i was trying to find a formula that can change the Date format from DD/MM to DD/MM/YY. attached is the sample of the file, the data is based on the current year 2017, however the system only showing Date and Month instead of the full...
  5. K

    Combining Formula to look up in different excel tab

    Hi Excel Ninjas, recently i work on excel template, and there is a challenge when i want to use a proper formula for the specific column (Total Sell Revenue) in Pick Up Report Tab. basically, what i want to do is a simple formula that can look up at Total sell revenue on Database Tab. However...
  6. K

    Formula does not work

    Hi Excel Ninjas, I have a small challenge, where as excel formula is not given any result. i have attached the sample. I put formula on cell A5 and copy it across A20 and still give result of 2. Would you advice on how i supposed to do on this. Thanks, Keanur
  7. K

    Suggestion :Case Category

    Dear Admin and excel Ninjas, i'm happy to join this group since last year as it gives more knowledge about excel. i was thinking whether admin group can categorize the case base on the user skill (Beginner, Intermediate, and advance), this will help the user to find out the case based on...
  8. K

    Combining Name [SOLVED]

    Good Day excel Ninja, i want to ask you a question: I have table which contain First name on Cell A1 and Last name on B1, now i want to combine this A1 & B1 as the result for C1. do you know what is the best and simple way to do it in excel. thanks in advance. warm regards, Keanur
  9. K

    Finding DOB

    Dear Excel ninjas, first of all, i just rejoined the community as i lost my previous password. here is i have table extracting from system and it contains No, Name and DOB and it is a big data as sometimes we extracted with a long date of range ( 1950 - 1995). i was trying to find specific...