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  1. r1c1

    Freelance admin assistant @ Chandoo.org

    Hi Folks, I am looking for an administrative assistant for our online training programs. The job involves, - Monitoring email for successful payments from new students - Adding students to our online class - Helping students with password reset - Changing login details (name or email) -...
  2. r1c1

    Donate & support our ninjas

    Hi there, I am happy to hear that you like our work and want to support the ninjas. Please take a minute to choose a ninja for donation (yes, you can donate to more than one). Luke M Hui VLETM Keep this in mind while donating: 100% of your donations go to the ninja you are donating...
  3. r1c1

    Testing Default VB Code

    Attempt 1 sub thisCodeShouldHighlight() Dim isWorking isWorking = true end sub
  4. r1c1

    New smilie added :awesome:

    Hi friends... I had a few minutes to kill. So added a new smilie. It is :awesome: You can use it by the code :awesome: :C:
  5. r1c1

    Forum Software Upgrade [Done]

    Hi all, I am doing a minor software upgrade for the forum. This will cause downtime of approximately 15 minutes. Stay tuned.