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  1. shrivallabha

    How long does Excel keep "Enable Content" Notification?

    This question arose out of curiosity. Another discussion on StackOverflow led me to this question. Reference to this discussion can be found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65746707/why-would-my-excel-2010-udf-quit-working-with-a-name-error This applies to users who have not changed...
  2. shrivallabha

    Dan Bricklin's Ted Talk on spreadsheet

    If you search following term on Google: "Who created Excel" or "Who invented Excel" then Google promptly returns Dan Bricklin's name and couple of his younger day photos. In reality, Dan Bricklin never worked for Microsoft. But he did create the electronic spreadsheet before Microsoft Excel...
  3. shrivallabha

    Web Data Pulling - Need help in improving code.

    Hello All, I have been working on a code for my friend to pull information from website (financial). Putting code together was not an issue. It is two phased approach: 1. It pulls portfolio information from listed mutual funds. 2. Then it scrapes individual share prices from the same site...
  4. shrivallabha

    Copy formula from Excel to Clipboard in VBA compatible format!

    While writing VBA codes it is not uncommon to come across a situation where your worksheet formula needs to be implemented through VBA code. Typing quotes can be headache and sometimes irritating with longer formulas. Of course, you can use macro recorder but it will copy the formula in R1C1...
  5. shrivallabha

    Basic Animation Examples using Excel VBA and Shapes

    While sifting through my old codes, I found these three animations I had created. I had created those after seeing some online examples of Microsoft excel templates. They are basic and not so heavily tested. 1. Fill my glass - fills a glass kept on table... ;) 2. Flames - these are industrial...
  6. shrivallabha

    Using CELL("row") function to create time stamp

    I was going through some time stamps options shown up on the internet including the one posted by Chandoo. Mostly they seem to use iterations to create time stamp. In MS Help for CELL function I read that it checks information for the last changed cell if the optional reference is kept empty...
  7. shrivallabha

    Congratulations Somendra Misra...1000 posts

    Hearty Congratulations, Somendra on your first milestone. You've been quite prolific. Keep up the good work. BTW, wonder where Sajan is these days. I have not seen his formula spins for quite some time now.
  8. shrivallabha

    Upgraded forums - Old VBA codes & formula handling

    Post upgrading forums, I have seen couple of things [maybe they are already noticed and being fixed] that have been affected little. In old forums we posted codes with backticks (`) and those codes post migration have got some unusual guests in between. See this example...
  9. shrivallabha

    Formula Challenge 020 - Conditional COUNT

    I think this is easier one but saw this as requirement on some other forum. The person had requested a VBA solution as probably he thought VBA was easier [only?] route. Here is the data: Heading Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7 Col8 CC H1 12 0 0 0 0 -5 1...
  10. shrivallabha

    Request to release my post trapped in Spam filter.

    Dear Moderators, Please release my post for a user named "bendav0314". It contains a VBA code. Thank you.
  11. shrivallabha

    Happy New Year 2013 !!!

    Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year. I've tried to cobble something for you guys in Excel which can be done trivially in powerpoint. I hope you all like it: https://www.box.com/s/w0bw4tnlsfjyhsn1lxh0
  12. shrivallabha

    Post stuck in spam filter

    Hello Moderators, One (two) of my post to dsudhakar's question in "Ask an excel question" section regarding weekdays is stuck. Kindly resolve the issue. You can delete 2nd post of mine no problem. Thank you. Shrivallabha
  13. shrivallabha

    Bring Specific Window To Top by specifying its Window-Name

    Sometimes we need to bring a specific window to front (activate) but we do not know its complete name. Following API based code can do that. The usage of module can be changed by the user after understanding the code. Feel free to do so. PS: I've kept this as KB entry (For Approval) on VBAX...