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    Automatically showing the day of the year

    You just need to change the format of that cell to "General", that should give you 208.
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    Automatically showing the day of the year

    How about using: =TODAY()-"01/01/2009"
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    Generate a unique list from a large set of data

    I've found myself having to do this a lot recently, so much so that I've mapped the following macro to a custom toolbar button! I use this to get the unique entries, then vlookup and array formulae to pull what I'm after from the source data. Just select a cell in the column you want the...
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    Hello .. Introduce yourself

    Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a Black Belt (sounds like the opening line at a BB Anonymous meeting?!) at GE in Leicester, UK. I no longer have a shortcut to MiniTab on my desktop, because excel is so much more flexible! Since subscribing to PHD, I've learnt enough to reproduce most of the core...