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    Index / Match headache

    I have a need for a user to select a group and a day (see attached sheet) and for the formula return the groups of letters on the right. For example select Group 1 & Day 2 would return TEAIM AAETN INATE EAINI EITNI MIETA etc When I have a single criteria I would use a lookup (hlookup in this...
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    Dabbling with dynamic charts

    I have a small problem with some data and a chart for project management data. It goes a bit like this. I have 2 sets of data. Planned spends (based on people and hours) and actual spends (again people and hours). The planned is for a full year and the actual is updated weekly based on...
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    Extract data from text downloaded from Web

    I've a question that is out of my league. I would like to extract the data from a text file that is updated daily. Then append the data to a column (or row) to build up a data set over time. The information is held here (http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/latest/wwv.txt) and in the format below...
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    Summary of actions

    I'm using excel 2003 and am building up a 'Readiness check list'. Part of the structure has a column for 'Actions', one for 'Person Responsible' and one for 'Due date'. I would like to summarise the actions (along with other information) on a summary worksheet. Can I summarise this information...
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    Stock Screening

    I'm starting to play about with some more interesting aspects of Exceland came across the idea of building a stock screener for the UK stock market in excel. I have a set of criteria Cap,P/E,PEG,EPS etc that I use to pick shares from and currently do it from a variety of on line screeners such...
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    World cup predictor

    I'm not a football fan but I do like mucking about with stats. Our company has a competition based on the world cup, predict the outcome of matches winner etc and you win the pot basically. I have submitted a 'random' answer based on usign =randbetween(0,4) for goals as a guess that its not...
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    Visualising beacon reception data

    Over the last few years I have collected data from a radio reciever that listens to a series of beacons round the world. There is a lot of data (And I mean a lot). Below is an example of the data presentation in a txt file showing one cycle. The data to focus on is the time,MHz, call and...
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    Calculate % change against a range of cells [SOLVED]

    Like busses these questions. I had a look in the tutorials but am a little stuck. I need to do a calulation that calculates the % mass loss of a material over time. The sheet looks something like this. Cell A1 - Start mass Cell B1 - Mass after 1 hour Cell C1 - mass after 2 hours etc etc...
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    Inspiration needed to transform a tired spreadsheet

    Every good runner knows that a log is a good way to monitor progress. Not every runner is good at Excel....me being one. So as a learning exercise I want to transform the log I use into something fit for the 20th century at least. What I am after is a bunch of suggestions as to how to make it...