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    Access/Excel interaction

    In my company we use SAP. Unfortunately, SAP does not quite natively provide the sorting functions that I wish it did. Accordingly, each month I pull my data from SAP, do a little bit of sorting/editing of the data in excel, and then pop that into an access database in a flat table as...
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    Generate a unique list from a large set of data

    Well, this will be my second question here, I hope I'll get the chance to help people too! I am setting up a sheet that is copy/pasted into and does a whole bunch of calculations based on what is pasted in. The paste is detailed data of the contents of a team's accounts. I have the sheet set...
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    Time Reporting

    Ok, so I administrate a database that is set up for time reporting. However, it gets very poor support for, of all things, political reasons. I am not even close to having sufficient mastery over Access to create a better database. However, I am pretty good with excel. I thought I might list...