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    Pivot table linked to MS Access does not allow more than X days of data to discp

    My excel pivot table in excel 2007 has customers by name from say column a1 to a30 followed by daily totals and a sum across columns b to i, in the column label in the pivot table which has the dates I have more than 7 days ticked but the display will only show the last 7 days and no more. the...
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    updating formula for multiple cells

    Thanks this is what i have been doing but as i drag the cell down i need the column ref letter to change. currently the formula above keeps everything the same i have tried the $ in all different options.
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    updating formula for multiple cells

    sorry my mistake i need the number to stay the same in each cell but the letter to change as i drag down the way example firstcell =IF(SMC_Ticket_Grading!E10="","",SMC_Ticket_Grading!E10) second cell =IF(SMC_Ticket_Grading!F10="","",SMC_Ticket_Grading!F10) third cell...
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    updating formula for multiple cells

    Thanks, this partially works but the column letter stays the same i need the column letter to change as i drag down the way as i drag this formula down the rows the number does change but the letter does not how can i get the letter to change...
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    updating formula for multiple cells

    hi i have 1 tab that has 21 columns across by 16 rows down within this are formulas that reference a template on another page which the data is manually added first, current cell formula is =SMC_Ticket_Grading!E10 i have manually been adding this bit to each cell...
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    Hello .. Introduce yourself

    HI just joined, as needed some input on some gantt charts. Info looks good and handy. been using excel for 12 years. Have used alot of handy hint/tips sites for specific issues. Work in support management in Scotland and with large IT hardware company doing project and quality related reports etc.