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    data lookup

    Hi forum ! it's been a while since last visiting.... Yesterday I found myself in front of a new Excel challenge, which I'd like your feedback on. I have a list, with 3 columns: product description, last purchase date, Qty. I wanted to display in a next column the last qty purchased for each...
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    Averages in Pivot Tables 2003

    All, I have this pivot table with year as a Page, Average of amount as Data, country as Row, and Type as Column. Type has 2 concepts: C1 and C2. The result is that I am showing averages for C1 and C2 per country. I need to add the Ratio C1/C2 as a concept. I tried as a calculated item, but...
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    icon sets in Excel 2010

    Hi all, I am using Excel 2010 now, and I am concerned about Conditional Formatting. when you select any icon set (colored arrows, for instance),icons appear aligned to the left of the number, instead of the right, so the corresponding icon is far from the number, and the next icon is closer...
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    How to debug an UDF?

    hi All, I've written this User Defined Formula, to extract a string from within another, delimited by underscores, e.g. AB_CDE-1234-56-7_89_FGH, and the result is CDE-1234-56-7. here's the code (it's in Spanish, but it makes no difference) Function extraecontrato(celda As range) Dim...
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    Automate Pivot Tables and Data entry Tables

    All, I have a workbook with a sheet per office, with the same table each time. i need to send to each office a new workbook with its specific data sheet, plus a pivot table on another sheet, out of that data. Also, I need to create a data entry table, with the same layout as the pivotTable...
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    Heat Map in a Map

    All, After reading a post on contextures.com, I'm determined to use a geographical map to show some data for the region, e.g: budget, forecast, actual. My first idea was to show within each shape the name of the shape and the value I wanted to display. I've tried using...