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    Need help to auto populate cells based on a number in an input cell

    Please help with 3 formulas to auto populate the numbers, sample highlighted in yellow, in the attached excel file. Cell K5 is the input number, based on K5 all yellow highlighted cells shall auto populate in the pattern shown in Table 1 and if the assigned formulas working fine then the result...
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    An alternative formula

    Hi all, I have dates in column D and I am using this formula “=IF(DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(D3),DAY(D3))>DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),DAY(TODAY())),DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(D3),DAY(D3)),DATE(YEAR(TODAY())+1,MONTH(D3),DAY(D3)))” in next column to determine the anniversary dates, the formula...
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    Match names and dates from source data

    Please see the attached file, what I want is match the selected month and name in sheet "view", cells B2 and A4 with the names and dates listed in sheet 2. The sample shown in "view" sheet is data matched from sheet 1. I want the same kind of output but with selected month and name and you may...
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    Mark days between two dates

    I want to fill “X” in the cells that fall between to dates, suppose cell A1 has start date “Oct 1” and cell B1 has end date “Oct 10”, I want 10 cells (from C1 to L1) to be filled with “X” excluding weekend. Appreciate any help.
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    Cost evaluation

    I need to evaluate and choose the best option from the two alternatives below, using previous leasing cost as base. Hope someone can help, at least to guide me how to set a scenario using data table or some other method. Any help is highly appreciated. New leasing cost $ 553,456 for 238...
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    Count names at the end of each name change

    I have data in 3 columns of my sheet (Col A to C) . In (Col D) I need a formula to count all entries of (Col C) which has same name. Suppose C1 to C5 has same name the result should be 5 but the result should appear in D5 only and D1 to D4 should be blank. The required formula should count...
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    IF function to include with another formula

    Please if someone can help, I have 31 rows in column-A starting at A9 (numbered 1 to 31)and in row 29 to 31 has this formula: =IF(OR(A36="",DAY(EOMONTH($L$4,0))=A36),"",A36+1), that checks the number of days based on referenced date in cell L4 and define the last day of month either 29, 30 or...
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    Assigning symbol to positive/negative numbers in a cell

    Hello all, I want to show (down arrow) if value in a cell is negative number and show (up arrow) if value is positive number . I tried this formula [=IF(I2=TRUE(),”p”,”q”)] and used font type wingding3, but it works only for negative value not changing when value is positive number. Any help...
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    SUMIFS Formula

    Hello everyone, I have a question, is it possible to set two sum ranges from two different worksheets in sumifs formula? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Sorting data

    Another request for help, hope the below example is clear to understand and makes sense. Thanks in advance. Sheet1 Column-A Column-B 1 (Using formula: =COUNTIF($B$2:B2,B2) B-001 1 B-002 2 B-001 1...
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    Conditional numbering

    What formula can I use to get the result in column A, as shown below: Col-A Col-B 1 B-001 if it is unique 2 B-001 if it is repeated 1 B-003 if it is unique 2 B-003 if it is repeated 3 B-003 if repeated again Thanks in advance.
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    Count entires

    Any help will be highly appreciate, I want to count the number of entries in column-C of sheet1 if the data in column-A of sheet1match with data of cell A1 of sheet2 Example: SHEET1 Col-A Col-B Col-C Col-D B-001 1234 12-May-09 Need formula to get the desired result B-002 3241...