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    Access/Excel interaction

    In my company we use SAP. Unfortunately, SAP does not quite natively provide the sorting functions that I wish it did. Accordingly, each month I pull my data from SAP, do a little bit of sorting/editing of the data in excel, and then pop that into an access database in a flat table as...
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    Generate a unique list from a large set of data

    While all of these are valid solutions to my problem, part of my desire for the formula is to make the process completely automated. Users that don't know at all how the sheet works will be using it. So I want the list of unique values to generate just as a result of pasting in the list. I...
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    Hello .. Introduce yourself

    Hello all, I'm Garet, I am an accountant who works at a company that has somewhat poor support for the way the budget in my particular area has to be sorted. I often need to find some good ways around that, and wound up here. I've been reading this blog, along with a number of others from...
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    Generate a unique list from a large set of data

    Well, this will be my second question here, I hope I'll get the chance to help people too! I am setting up a sheet that is copy/pasted into and does a whole bunch of calculations based on what is pasted in. The paste is detailed data of the contents of a team's accounts. I have the sheet set...
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    Time Reporting

    Ok, so I administrate a database that is set up for time reporting. However, it gets very poor support for, of all things, political reasons. I am not even close to having sufficient mastery over Access to create a better database. However, I am pretty good with excel. I thought I might list...