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    How do I convert an existing Chart to VBA Code?

    Hi, It's been a while since I have worked with Excel VBA so I'm trying to get back up on the horse. I created a form on worksheet "Admin" to allow user to select multiple text data sources and ingest them (different criteria depending on the file format). These files populate a table on a...
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    Use Structured Reference to locate value in cell in previous row of table

    I know how to get the value of an cell in a table if the cell is in the same row using the structure Reference "special item specifier" [#This Row], but I was wondering if anyone had a quick/efficient way of locating a value 1 (or more) rows above (or below) the current row. I figure I will...
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    Help with Data Filter and Filter Results Table (not range)

    I have a filter in my VBA code which works fine, and copies the output to a second table for me to perform additional steps with. Range("Table_Data_Current_Wk_Schedule").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=Range("adminMilestonesFilterCriteria")...
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    How do I use VBA and variables to create dynamic import connections?

    I have been building a dashboard that, at present, requires strict path/filenames for import files. When I trigger the import refresh VBA code, I want it to update the connection string to use the value stored in the cell referenced by a Name as the path/file. (I am importing .xlsx file type)...
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    Help with the ShowHelp() function

    I am incorporating the ShowHelp() function that is included in the Dynamic Dashboard Illustration v1.1 file (and instructions). Has anyone modified to make it more context sensitive? I would like to create help buttons on various pages or locations within a page and, based on a parameter or...
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    VBA to change Header Picture?

    I have done extensive research, and the only thing I seem unable to do to completely format my print page headers using VBA is insert a picture. Ideally I could select an picture object (or cell range) that my end user inserts in a setup worksheet. Does any know a work around for this? I am...
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    Example: Horizontal date entry formula

    I started to create a horizontal log file that will have 3 values per log entry and unlimited log entries for the 'reporting period'. I abandoned this and returned to a vertical approach... I was really just doing this to learn. If anyone finds it interesting, I'm glad. If any of you more...
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    Moving Data Table in Chart area

    Hi everyone! I have used chandoo.org (and pingback sites) for the last few months with great success. I thank everyone for your generosity in sharing your wisdom. (I too hope to share some of mine soon!) I am creating a dynamic dashboard and have two challenges that I have not been able to...