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  1. aamirsq

    Searching Table Skipping/without Zero

    Hi, Greetings Happy new year 2017, I am trying to create a summary from a table but zeros are making problem for me. Any ideas. I just want to add only products which were sold to any company. Thanks
  2. aamirsq

    Need help on Ms Access

    Hi Guys & Grlz, I was working on this database and got stuck, i hope some one can help? The idea is "A company keeping tracking of renting equipments and customers. The customer can take multiple equipments. Each equipment has a unique ID. (alphanumeric - XXXX#####) depending on the selection...
  3. aamirsq

    Conditional Formatting with Icon Set on Text Cell

    Hi, Is it possible to make the custom icon set appear beside TEXT cell ? I could not find nice icon any recommendations would be appreciated :)
  4. aamirsq

    Linking chart with table in excel

    Hi, I am having little problem here anyone with suggestion ? i want to display in chart data only upto selected month.
  5. aamirsq

    Search and move data to other sheet

    Hi, how can i search and move date to other sheet as shown on sheet 2.
  6. aamirsq

    Adding the previous quantities

    Hi, i am adding the previous quantities by using the below formula in excel its working fine but when i put it spreadsheet its not working H1 : is my selection month Row B3:M3 is my date Row B4:M4 is my data which is i am adding using above formula.:awesome: Thanks
  7. aamirsq

    Excel Survey Calculation

    i want to calculate the survey result based on my data.
  8. aamirsq

    Linking excel data with visio

    Hi, Did anyone tried to link excel data with visio 2013 to create graphs ? I was trying to link excel data with visio by: (try any data) so if i change value i excel it should also reflects in visio graphs. In Vision 2013, Under Data Menu >Link Data to Shapes >Data Graphics I like...
  9. aamirsq

    Chart help ..

    Hi, I m really tired today, i wanted to make a chart like shown. how can i make . thanks
  10. aamirsq

    Search between date specified dates

    Helloo, I have a big data and its growing, what i was trying to do was search only between specified dates. But couldn't :(. Sample attached.
  11. aamirsq

    How to know the end of string, remove extra space in string

    Hi everyone, Hope you are doing fine, i have a question using the mid () function is it possible to find (to go at) of a string ? e.g. In a cell i have 1. abc001 [extra space]a quick brown jumps over the lazy dog.[extra spaces here i dont know how many btw i tried trim()] 2. abc002 A...
  12. aamirsq

    Copy skipping blanks cells and matching cells

    Hello Friends, Hope you are doin' fine. Almost a year ago thanks to Mr. Debraj who helped me in this below vb code which worked perfect. Sub Copy_Stuff1() Dim cell As Range, rr As Long rr = 2 Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:A3000").ClearContents For Each cell In...
  13. aamirsq

    Searching & matching data from a table

    I am trying to search from a table but its giving me a #REF err. =INDEX(F1:O27,MATCH('Original Data'!G2,Data!$F$3:$F$27,0),MATCH('Original Data'!I2,Data!$G$3:$G$27,0),MATCH('Original Data'!J2,Data!$H$1:$O$1,0)) What i have is like this: Table: Sites Types CO1 CO2 CO3...
  14. aamirsq

    Why the match returns #NA ?

    Why my match is returning #N/A in this formula ? INDEX('Project'!B:B,MATCH(IF(LEN(A5)=1,A5,left(A5)),'Project'!A:A,1))
  15. aamirsq

    Softwares used by Chandoo

    Hi, I was looking for list of software's used by the Chandoos , i tried to search here in new cool lookin' forum but i wasn't able to find. Btw it was easy to search in previous forum. I know there was a list .. thanks.
  16. aamirsq

    How to change the file name in formula automatically

    I want to change the file name based on my cell A1. eg. Cell A4 ='D:Read Data[13-259.2 Price.xls]WP'!A22 & If cell A1 has any file name then all formula must change to that file name automatically otherwise otherwise remain same. A1=13-260 Price.xls
  17. aamirsq

    Excel 2010 tabs disappear problem

    Hi, when ever i open any excel file there is message "Protected View........Enable Editing" & when i click all my excel sheets and horizontal and vertical scroll bars disappear. Then i have to go to options and select all above options to continue my work. Whats causing this problem ...
  18. aamirsq

    Multiple criteria searching

    Hi,I was trying to make a selection based on multiple criteria but unable find some solution.. I want in H4 ratting based on my criteria on other sheet. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g2c33111cc4afabed99930038124aa95e869bc63d7 Thanks
  19. aamirsq

    Copy data from multiple sheets into one sheet

    Hi, I searched the net and this forum but found not solution. I want the below code to look in each Jan13, Feb13 & Mar13 and put all data in one column under sheet1 from C17. But this code this only working for the last sheet (i.e Mar13)?? Sub Copy_Sheets() Dim ws As Worksheet...
  20. aamirsq

    How to link a file on multiple files on network

    What i am trying to achieve is create a file and link all files on network drive (as i have to copy manually), File names are always 01 Jan 2013, 01 Feb 2013,01 Mar 2013, ... so on & usually Data is only on Sheet1 Starting from A6 to O100. Problem is sometimes other peoples have opened these...
  21. aamirsq

    Index Match formula error

    This formula suppose to return any value from C8:C567 based on matching value A2. 'INDEX(dps!$C$8:$C$567,MATCH(A2,$AHR$8:$BBS$567,0)) but match here return #NA. Why ? btw column C has alphabets, #s & empty cells
  22. aamirsq

    Copy data to another sheet skipping blank cell with condition

    How can i add additional condition for not selecting numbers (or only selecting text data) from dps sheet ?
  23. aamirsq

    How to count sum cell based color

    How can i count and sum cells based color in excel without using VB and i m using standard colors no conditional formatting ?
  24. aamirsq

    Copy data between selected dates to other sheet2

    I have a Master_sheet with lot of data column D is DATE ([$-409]d-mmm-yy;@) & column G is (=D-today()). In O1 date ([$-409]d-mmm;@) & R1 date (=DATE(YEAR(O1),MONTH(O1)+3,DAY(O1))-1). I want is when i date any date from O1 (drop down list). Only column A, B, D, E & F data which falls between...