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    Structured Table - SUMPRODUCT - SUBTOTAL

    Thanks!!! I’ll be poking at this on Monday.
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    Structured Table - SUMPRODUCT - SUBTOTAL

    Check that... I generated a new error. The way it is in the workbook does not subtotal per month. Which was my original issue. Fixing the format solved half the problem. I not get a real number but its for the entire data set not the sliced one. Sorry for the confusion. I've been working too...
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    Structured Table - SUMPRODUCT - SUBTOTAL

    Yes. The data was formatted as general instead of date. Once I washed that column all worked fine. Thank you for the response.
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    Structured Table - SUMPRODUCT - SUBTOTAL

    Ok. So the error must be in my spreadsheet from finance. My math seems to work in the washed version that I just created here.
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    Structured Table - SUMPRODUCT - SUBTOTAL

    Hello everyone. This really has me stumped. I recently started handling data in Excel using structured tables. I believe it would useful to create a working dashboard for customer entry and sales data. I dropped my data in which included: Opportunity Name OWNER Business Line...
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    How do I Display Filtered Data from a Seperate Worksheet

    Does anyone know how I can display all of that data with a certain field assiocated to it from another worksheet? Example, I want to display all of the projects with an "active" flag, owned by a certain person in my "dash board" sheet. I have a main data dump from our corporate system with ALL...