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    Filter Pivot table by each customer and auto email invoices unpaid

    Attached file. after you step into the macros. once it filters invoices unpaid by the first customer, in the pivot. It gives an error I was not able to resolve this. anyone able to help me run this code please. Objective of this macro is automate: filter on pivot for each customer, that...
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    Single item lookup = Index - Match on multiple match array

    Hi I am trying to retrieve corresponding value from a table; Table as under 411659 $129.00 $193.00 $187.00 $136.00 $180.00 $108.00 407345 $154.00 $178.00 $118.00 $189.00 $184.00 $130.00 419885 $105.00 $116.00 $115.00 $116.00 $128.00 $136.00 414030 $102.00 $199.00 $156.00 $139.00...
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    Structured References in Conditional formatting

    Hey Chandoo, the structured references are not working when i am putting formula in conditional formatting. It says my formula has error, why is that. Named ranges are fine but table references are not working? any ideas?
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    Lookup highlighted data

    Hey Chandoo, not sure if you have posted a trick on this. My problem is; I have a list of data (mix of text and numbers) from a1 to a100. say I highlighted in yellow, cells a2,a34,a48...and so on..depending what i want to select from the list. next day i get a updated list from an email. What i...