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    On Save, update cell to Today's Date

    I think I haven't posted in like 5 years... "Hello!" to anyone who remembers me. I think the title is clear. I have a spreadsheet I wrote for our accounting department. It's just the expense reporting form. Right now, I have a field with Today() in it for the date. This is fine when...
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    Adding combo box to a cell

    Refer to Chandoo's guest post by Daniel Ferry: http://chandoo.org/wp/2010/06/02/excel-stock-quotes/ And specifically, to the workbook itself: http://img.chandoo.org/vba/activerange_yahoofinance_excelhero.com.xls I have been able to add a column to the range and get the column to populate...
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    Financial Calculation

    I know how to do the various financial functions (pmt, fv, cumipmt). I am trying to figure out a FORMULA for determining the following: Let us say I have an income that changes by an amount that can be determined by a formula. I want to put this income into an interest bearing account and...
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    Good VBA Reference?

    This post is directed specifically to VBA folks, but of course anyone with an opinion is welcome to chime in. My situation: I'm very well-versed in programming. I have done some minor VBA programming nearly 10 years ago, but I've been working in other environments much more recently. I already...
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    Tables and Formulas problem

    I have a table that is about 2 lines long (to show sample data). This table's sheet is referenced from another sheet. The problem is, when I add a column to the table, the formulas on the referenced sheet auto-update and destroy the reference, sometimes even changing to "Ref!" errors. I will...
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    Finished Hourly Gantt Chart

    Thanks to everyone who contributed. I could not have finished the chart without this forum. Don
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    Am I too suspicious?

    I participate in a few different forums (fora?), although this is the only one where I use my real name. Regardless, it seems this forum has the same problem that the other tech forums I'm in have. To wit: Posters asking for help with homework. For example (and I may be wrong), a user...
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    Dynamically add a row to a table using a formula

    I want to do a daily Gantt chart. I have a single sheet that has among its variables: Task Name | Start Day | End Day | Start Hour | End Hour On another sheet, I have tables set up for day 1, day 2, etc. Each table is set up with the columns: Task Name | 0:00 | 1:00 | 2:00 | ... | 23:00...
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    Use a formula to duplicate a table?

    Is it possible to use a formula to duplicate a table? I have two sheets. Sheet one is a collection of tables. Sheet two is my "definitions" sheet. I have a start date, and an end date as data in my definitions. Each table in sheet one is a date broken down into hours (columns 1 - 24, ignoring...
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    Mistake in free e-Book on Charting

    If you look on pdf pages 5 and 6 of the e-book which is included with the PM templates, you have sorted the data; however, the chart labels are not included in your sort. Therefore, the data and the label correlation change between the two pages. Registration (label), for example, goes from just...