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    Pasting pictures

    Hi Hui, I my enthusiasm to answer the questions, I overlooked your suggestion. The thing to do is the Paste Special - Bitmap Image Object. Success!! Many thanks to you, dan_I and VaraK who took time to respond. Don.
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    Pasting pictures

    Thanks all for your responses. I appreciate them. To be more specific, I use an in-house factory planning program open to display some work schedules. I then do some further analysis using Microsoft Excel. I find it helpful, for future reference, to capture the output of the planning program...
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    Pasting pictures

    I regularly capture screen shots in "Paint", select a portion of it and paste it into my Excel spreadsheet. The trouble I'm having with the 2007 and 2010 versions is that regardless of which cell in the spreadsheet I am working at, it always pastes into cell A1. (In Excel 2003 it pasted at the...