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    VBA How to autofit image [SOLVED]

    Dear All I am trying to insert random image and resize it to match the picture place holder (just a square as background). I just want to make sure the image size is smaller than the picture background but still maintain the original aspect ratio, how do i approach this problem? I hope i make...
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    Excel Web App Interactive in Embedded workbook

    == SOLVED === just allow_interactivity = true Dear All Has anyone try interactive embedded workbook and succeded? I try using slicer yesterday, uploaded it and embed it on a small html file (in my drive) and it works. I dont know how but it works but now it does not work anymore. Looking...
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    Symbol in Chart Axis

    So, I just read http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/08/21/display-symbols-excel-chart/#comment-1192230 and try to copy the example but I cannot get webdings or windings to works. Only font with subsets. Any ideas how/why? Thanks in advance.
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    dynamic chart using named range in excel 2013

    [SOLVED] did not put full workbook right and I do not know how to edit the title ^^ Dear all, I tried to recreate a dynamic chart using named range in excel 2013. I've download the file from chandoo.org and been searching for quite some time for what I did wrong to no avail. I attached sample...
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    Application does not close

    Hi all, I am trying to copy chart/shape from excel to powerpoint and save it as different files based on region. It is working fine, but somehow when I save it as a single file, the powerpoint app close, while in different files it is not. Here is the sample code that does not working Set oPS...
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    [OT] Forward Sent Items

    Dear All, Pardon for asking [out topic] outlook question here but perhaps someone been using outlook vba and can shed some light. I've been searching through the internet and still could not find the answer for my question regarding outlook. I plan to have an email base information server where...
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    SUMIF - Alternate Columns

    Dear all I am looking for (non array formula) alternative solution to sumif problem. I edited two solutions from my previous problem and so far only array formula that works. Any idea on what went wrong? I attached the sample workboook Thanks in advance
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    Sumifs for Multiple Columns

    [SOLVED] Dear All, I have been trying to modify Narayank991 solution to my previous problem to make -sumifs- sums for more than one columns to no avail. Can anyone propose a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
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    Sumifs with or

    [SOLVED] Dear all, Can anyone suggest on how best to solve this problem. Situation: I need to use sumif(s) base on a validation list which contain "State"; "Private"; "State & Private". It is not a problem with only option "State" or "Private", but how do you make up for "State & Private" in...
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    stepping through f8, code suddenly executes all code

    Hi all, I am trying to modify part of my macro and while i am trying to debug it using F8, at some line its start running. The macro it self is just a simple copy paste from excel to powerpoint (I am using early binding). Here is the part where the macro start running (Right after the paste...
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    Chart color change in different version

    Dear All, I just tried Office 2013 and when I tried to copy Excel chart from Excel 2010 workbook to Powerpoint 2013, the color changed. I noticed that it is also change if I copied it down to a new (2013) workbook. I've tried to copy all the worksheet to a new 2013 workbook, change all...
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    Number Formatting

    Dear All Have anyone tried scaling in number format using VBA function FORMAT... I tried to make 18.450 into 18.5 K using z = format(z,"#.#0, ""K""") but failed... the best thing i can achieve is 18 K. I tried the same formatting in worksheet using text function and it works just fine. Can...
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    Fastest way to create table base on database

    Dear all, I have a flat database which look like this: Area ID_Code Income Newyork A 500 Manhattan A 1000 Newyork B 250 How can i make another table which sum the income base on ID_code? The new table should look like Area A B Newyork 500 250 Manhattan 1000...
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    Looking for non blank cells in certain columns

    Dear all, I'm trying to find a way to copy data based on non blank cells in certain columns the data is like this: A__B_______C_______D__________E No OldName NewName OldAddress NewAddress 1__David.._......_Dakota...._Chicago 2__Michael_.......LA...
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    Top ten with more than 1 condtion

    SOLVED (I think..) I got it to work by using * and put the condition in bracket. I guess the missing piece was the bracket. Dear all, I have a problem which is similar to http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/lookup-top-10-values-in-a-table-with-conditions. My question is how do you do it for...
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    Send SMS from Excel

    Hi Everybody, I hope that it is okay to ask it here. I am trying to create a simple system where I can get data from my associate through email (that goes in outlook) and process it with VBA. The only problem is that i can sent a reply email using VBA but i also want to send a confirmation...