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  1. vijaySharma

    VBA to open excel workbooks from a list and copy it to specific tabs

    Rom72, please have a read on this article... http://chandoo.org/wp/2012/04/09/consolidate-data-from-different-excel-files-vba/
  2. vijaySharma

    Additional Issues Found in PP Dashboard VBA-v1

    Donna, Please email me your workbook at sharma.vijay1@gmail.com for me to assist with the issues.
  3. vijaySharma

    working with Cell Format

    Sanjeev, read this article by Hui for this...http://chandoo.org/wp/2012/01/31/custom-number-formats-multiply-divide-by-any-power-of-10/
  4. vijaySharma

    Another Ranking problem

    Khelgadi, use the below formula to get the results. =C3&COUNTIF($C$3:C3,C3)
  5. vijaySharma

    Run time error 13 while do a Excel v look up

    Giriraj, Change arg2 = myRange to Set arg2 = myRange
  6. vijaySharma

    Run time error 13 while do a Excel v look up

    is lookup1 getting a value or not... check this by putting a break-point on the line. Else try to upload your file for review. Thanks
  7. vijaySharma

    Hide Worksheets with Password Prompts

    AJS_pa, Have a read on this page...and look for PasswordHiddenSheets.xls http://sites.madrocketscientist.com/jerrybeaucaires-excelassistant/
  8. vijaySharma

    Run time error 13 while do a Excel v look up

    Try this Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup
  9. vijaySharma

    Entering current time

    Alechko, What is the range where you want this defined?
  10. vijaySharma

    Testing with F8

    @Indian, click on the line rwb.Activate Now press F9, this will place a breakpoint on the code and it will stop here, from where you can resume pressing F8 key. ~VijaySharma
  11. vijaySharma

    Macro with Text File

    Hello Collinn, Since the file is accessed by more than 1 person, it is advisable to change the Attributes of this file to READ ONLY. This way you do not need to write any separate code to keep track of Locking / Unlocking. Every person who will open the file will get read only access to the...
  12. vijaySharma

    CF help required

    aparvez, This is working fine for me on Excel 2010, I have just modified the actual cells. Could you post your sheet for us to look at. ~VijaySharma
  13. vijaySharma

    Automated_countno.of claims on the basis of claim type

    @Ravindra, You can use the COUNTIF function to easily do this. ir you need the sum use SUMIF ~VijaySharma
  14. vijaySharma

    Administrator Permission

    guitarman, This sound like you simply upgraded from XP to Win7... not a fresh install. And this is common for the Files and Folders permissons to be reset. Locate your folder where you wanted to save the file and re-take the Ownership of that folder by Right Click... Properties and then...
  15. vijaySharma

    Hide gridlines

    Hello jskushawah, You cannot do a selective hide / un-hide of gridlines. Instead you may fill the backcolor of your range as White or any other color you choose. ~VijaySharma
  16. vijaySharma

    Excel - Data - Hidden Links or Formulae

    Hello Raju, Welcome to Chandoo.Org Forums. Is it possible for you to share the original excel workbook for us to look at. So that we are able to help with this query. You will find information on how to post a file, on the top 3 sticky's on the forum home. ~VijaySharma
  17. vijaySharma

    Compare 2 columns using VBA

    Hello Ejire, Do you have access to any kind of database such as Microsoft Access / SQL Server etc. This task can be easily done using a SELECT QUERY and would be much faster as compared to the loop and also given the fact the number of records is very high. ~VijaySharma
  18. vijaySharma

    How to catch the result in a variable?

    Hello Ravikumar, Make use of the RecordSet Object here. Instead of directly executing your SQL statement by calling Cn.Execute. Open a RecordSet and pass the SQL as the Source. Dim rs as New ADODB.RecordSet -If you can afford Early Binding Dim rs as Adodb.RecordSet - If late binding...
  19. vijaySharma

    Need Dashboard help/ideas

    Hello jskushawah, There are a number of ways you could have created a dashboard. 1. You may show sales by SalesPerson and a comparison between them as well. 2. You may show sales by products, by month and by quarter. 3. You may show sales by Month and Year. All this can be done using...
  20. vijaySharma

    need to copy data

    Apologies... fixed now https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxRkrdCm95qbY3M4ZmQxV05uVHc ~VijaySharma
  21. vijaySharma

    need to copy data

    Hello Manish, I have uploaded the solution here https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxRkrdCm95qbaktpbXpHbjhua3c Try this out and let us know... ~VijaySharma
  22. vijaySharma

    Macro to generate Reports

    Pragnesh, You can use the Internet Explorer library inside your VBA Project and then write code to do this. Since we cannot access the site, cannot show you the steps.... but the general way to go is to use IE Object. Hope this helps... ~VijaySharma
  23. vijaySharma

    Macro to Print from Checkboxes

    Hello Scoop480, Instead of using CheckBoxes try using the List control and Set the Multi-Select property to True to allow the user to select more than 1 sheet. HTH ~VijaySharma
  24. vijaySharma

    ODBC from not mapped Drive

    Hello Kosmonautas, Yes, you can use the UNC names (fully qualified location link address) for the database name and it will work as long as the Network share is up and running and the end user has rights to read/write data from the folder. If you are not sure of the complete link, open a...
  25. vijaySharma

    User form

    Hello Sunny, Please look at the below link and advise if this is what you need. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxRkrdCm95qbZHJkbDhKd3ZfWlk ~VijaySharma