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  1. sgmpatnaik

    Formula not update

    HI I have Small Problem that is i am using the below formula ="Purchase register from "&TEXT(Q1, " dd-mm-yyyy ")&"to"&TEXT(Q2, " dd-mm-yyyy ") when i change the cell value in Q1 or Q2 then the formula is not update when i minimize or change from Tab1 to Tab2 then the formula is changed why...
  2. sgmpatnaik

    Where to find our old Threads and Book Marks from the Old Forum

    Hi I have Small Doubt that is how to find our Book Marks and Important Subjects which was settled in our Old Forum. Due to i have some important books are in there but i can't find them here and in my profile too Kindly Suggest me about this Thanks SP
  3. sgmpatnaik

    about ListBox

    Hello i have one user form in that UserForm i have placed one List Box and One TextBox. now what i want i want popup the Text in Text Box of List Box2nd option, i mean in my list Box i mention as a = Split("meter, inch, foot, yard", ",") b = Split("m, In, Ft, Yd", ",") when i select the...
  4. sgmpatnaik

    Is it possible to create code for Mouse and Keyboard Movements

    Hello Good Morning I have small doubt that is is it possible to create a code for Mouse and Keyboard Movements, i have searched in google but i fail so i decided to get the solution from our Gurus / Ninjas Thanking you With Regards Patnaik
  5. sgmpatnaik

    How to add the Start Date and End Date in Sumproduct Formula

    Hello i have small problem that is i want to add the Start Date and End Date in a Sumproduct Formula as a extra Critera my formula is =SUMPRODUCT(('Dealer List'!$C$6:$C$50=$C9)*('Dealer List'!$H$5:$I$5=F$7),'Dealer List'!$H$6:$I$50)+SUMPRODUCT(('Dispatch Register'!$F$6:$F$3490=$C9)*('Dispatch...
  6. sgmpatnaik

    Excel Workbook Crash

    Hello Friends I have small request why our some excel files are crashed after some times, how can we identify the problem, is there any way to trash out why the file is crashed. When i Google search then i got this http://www.appspro.com/Utilities/CodeCleaner.htm but i didn't check this...
  7. sgmpatnaik

    SaveAs a tab in new Workbook

    Hello Good Afternoon how to SaveAs a particular Tab in a new Workbook with fixed formats, xlValues i can manage the code but there is one problem that i have some cells are merged so i can't manage that part here i have a code which is Save As with formulas and fixed formats Sub...
  8. sgmpatnaik

    Booking System

    Hi all Good Afternoon i need some help to create a code for booking system that is i want to check the Check in Date and check out date, i have one code which is working for single criteria but when i try to use 2 criteria then i got a error Msg for Type MisMatch the code is Sub...
  9. sgmpatnaik

    Split Multiple Columns into One

    Hello Good Afternoon i need some help that is i have some address in the columns and i want to separate into rows in one column Example: ` Name Address1 Address2 Address3 Name Address1 Address2 Address3 Result: Name Address1 Address2 Address3 Blank Blank Name Address1 Address2 address3...
  10. sgmpatnaik

    Need Some help about Copy and Paste the data to Multiple Sheets

    Hello Ninja's Good Evening i need some help from you that is i want to copy data to multiple sheets except one column, here i got the code while on searching. now i think to stop copy the Column C to the Multiple sheets but the data is copy and paste in multiple sheets base with the Column...
  11. sgmpatnaik

    Copy some criteria data to based on cell value

    Hello All Good Day i have small request that is i want to copy the data from Master Sheet to Client Sheets with criteria columns based on Column F of Every new entry data before i post this question i searched in our blog but i didn't get the relevant answers for me finally i got one...
  12. sgmpatnaik

    About VBA Project Password [SOLVED]

    Hello Ninja's Good Morning I got one problem that is i created one file in 1 year back as Macro Enabled Workbook (.xlsm) and i gave a VB Project password for that file, in that file i used lot of macros and Formulas now i want to view that file but i can't remember the password what i gave...
  13. sgmpatnaik

    Hello SirJB7

    Sir i have some doubts in one of your thread is "User form via QAT" To day i download the file which was given by you to Mr. Bobh on 11 months ago the file was open correctly on my first attempt then after i can't open because a Splach sheet is display and i can't understand how to open the...
  14. sgmpatnaik

    UserForm failed when Workbook is xlMinimized

    Hello i am try to do a new data entry type that is when i open the excel file a UserForm will display and it is fine for me but there is one problem that is when i enter the data with UserForm then i got one error msg kindly suggest me which line i forget to add in the workbook module i gave...
  15. sgmpatnaik

    Export Excel to PDF

    Hi I have a code which is export from Excel to PDF, it was worked but suddenly i got an error when i will run the code that is run time error 5 invalid procedure call or argument my code is Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() pdfName = ActiveSheet.Range("A1") ChDir...
  16. sgmpatnaik

    Error Report / Excel File is Crash and trying to recover

    Hello Friends / Ninja's i have small problem that is recently my system was crashed for virus so i take the backup from my desktop and c Drive after that i format the system and reload the Windows8 and Office2007 The problem is when i am doing work with my excel file it will work and...
  17. sgmpatnaik

    code fails in Share WorkBook

    Hi i got this code from the google search, kindly advise me about this code why the code is working in normal mode and not in Workbook Share Mode and correct the code for work in normal and in Workbook Share mode also Sub NewCopy() Dim strFileName As String Dim range1 As Range Dim rng1 As...
  18. sgmpatnaik

    Year Function

    Hello Good Evening i have small doubt in the Year Function That is I am trying to calculate the year as a financial year i mean from 01-04-2012 to 31-03-2013 is a one year for this i am using the formula as like =SUMPRODUCT(('Stock Receipt and...
  19. sgmpatnaik

    xlCalculation Method

    Hi Good Afternoon All After Long time i got another problem that is Workbook.Calculation Method I have a workbook which is nearly 20Mb of xlsb format i have lot of sheets are there using with Macro, Formulas and More while using the above methods my workbook will take 30mnts to open and...
  20. sgmpatnaik

    Tally How many Members are interested

    @ Chandoo Key Master Hi Why not we start a new package of Tally Course in this forum for this New Year Guys what do you Say ? Thanks SP
  21. sgmpatnaik

    Sumproduct Formula problem

    @Hi Good Afternoon All In my workbook i am trying to sum the 3 criteria items using with SUMPRODUCT formula so i am getting up to 2 criteria but i am fail to get the third criteria my work as like 1. Date 2. Brand 3. Shortage 4. Quantity i want to get the result for the brand...
  22. sgmpatnaik


    Hello Friends I wish you all to My Friends WISHING YOU A HAPPY DIWALI GLOWING WITH PEACE, JOY AND PROSPERITY https://dl.dropbox.com/u/75654703/Happy_Diwali.xls Thanks SP
  23. sgmpatnaik

    Change the Number Charecter to negative formate

    Hi Good Morning i have a small problem and i was stuck in there, that is i want to change the Number to negative and Positive using with specific text for that i create one code that is Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Application.EnableEvents = False If...
  24. sgmpatnaik

    My Replays are Not posting

    Good Afternoon All Kindly Help my replays or my posts are not posting kindly suggest me why the mistake is happening With Regards SP
  25. sgmpatnaik

    How to Add Filter and Freeze Pane

    Respected Sir's, i have small doubt in write the VBA Code for ADD the Filter and Freeze option Sir, I created one code for to insert the new Sheet based with existing Sheet, with the code i got success but there is one problem that is i would like to add the filter and Freeze option to...