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    Chart to depict effective life of software

    Hello I want to prepare a chart showing the effective life of a software. e.g. I have the following table: Name of Software Version Introduced EOL SoftwareA 1.0 March 2009 June 2011 SoftwareA 2.0 January 2011 December 2015 SoftwareB 6.1...
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    Display tasks worked on between any 2 dates

    Hello I have to prepare a report on the tasks that were worked on between 2 dates. The data that I have is a set of tasks alongwith their start and end dates e.g. Task Start date End date Task1 15-Jan-2010 28-Jan-2010 Task2 20-Jan-2010 24-Jan-2010 ... The report...
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    Display argument values when calling a subroutine in VBA

    I am writing a macro and calling another subroutine from within that macro. The subroutine has around 3 arguments which are integers. The values of the arguments can only be between 1 and 4, each integer denoting a specific case which is handled in the subroutine. While i am typing to call the...
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    Calculated field in Pivot

    I have data in tabular format as follows: Requirement Type Dept1 Dept2 Dept3 Total Req1 Type1 10 29 30 69 Req2 Type2 20 29 30 79 Req3 Type3 5 29 30 65 What is needed is the number which is a %age of...
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    Unique values from an unsorted column meeting a certain criteria

    Hello I need to derive sorted unique values from column. For the purpose I use the following formula from cell A3 below onwards entered as an array formula: INDEX(List, MATCH(0, IF(MAX(NOT(COUNTIF(A$2:$A2, List))*(COUNTIF(List, ">"&List)+1))=(COUNTIF(List, ">"&List)+1), 0, 1), 0))...
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    Populating cells based on another value

    I have the following table Item1 4 Item2 2 Based on this data, i want to populate cells in 6 rows (4 + 2) as follows: Item1 Item1 Item1 Item1 Item2 Item2 This is because Item1 has a corresponding value of 4 and Item2 of 2 in the table above. Can this be done without using VBA?
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    Usage of 2 hyphens in formula

    Why and how are 2 consecutive hyphens used in an Excel formula? e.g. what is the meaning of =sumproduct(--(a1:a4="x"),(b1:b4))
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    Logical condition in IF statement

    Is there any easy way to write a formula which will do the following: =if(concatenate(a2*b2-c2+d2*e2)="",NA,concatenate(a2*b2-c2+d2*e2)) The reason is if there is complex calculation, then the 'if' statement becomes too long and also changes have to be done at 2 places. Regards AK
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    Data Validation List

    I have assigned codes to some items such as 01 Item A 02 Item B This information is in different columns. I have combined this information and assigned it as a list for data validation for a cell. What I want is after I select an entry in the data validation list, I only want the item...