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    Gantt visualisation challenge

    Hi, Can any of you brilliant people help me to establish this kind of layout for a gannt chart? I would love to see the chart with a dynamic scroll on the time scale. The lines and milestones should be formatted depending on status markers in the data. Many thanks! Torben
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    A challenge to you clever guys :-) A simple chart to monitor racing time

    4 boats are racing on 9 different lanes with different lenghts. For each lane every boat has a specific theoretic racing time depending on 3 different wind forces. I would like to create a simple dashboard showing how the boats should perform. Boats Lane No. Lane length Lane Type Wind force...
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    conditional format of cell based on look up

    I would like to format a cell colour based on the value from a combobox. Imagine a drop-down list with colour codes and cells adapting to your choice of colour. Is that possible without scripts? Many thanks!