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    Index match issues when referencing to dates

    Hi Please see attached file I am having trouble getting index match formula correct when i'm trying to reference dates and also when looking up values not found in source table please advise correct formula and what ent wrong in my approach
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    Help with lookup

    Hi, I have attached file. I'm trying to look up values from "Sourcr tab" referencing to columns A and B ad the result to be produced in "result tab" What makes it complicated is there are lot of duplication in column A Kindly assist with formula
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    return sum of values from a cluster of columns

    Hi Friends, I need help with formula to sum up values from a specified range of columns in “Data” sheet and then drag the formula side ways and down Please see attached
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    Custom formatting numbers

    Hi, Could you please provide custom formatting for 910,664 to appear as 911 -541,190 to appear as (541) 1,230,456 to appear as 1,230 -2,534,610 to appear as (2,534)
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    Sorting dates in Pivot table

    Dear friends, Please find attached sheet I would need to create two pivot table with the below column headings Pivot table 1 Column heading- Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Pivot table 2 Column heading 2015 2015 TOTAL 2016 Jul-15...
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    formula to calculate value based on threshold

    Friends, Please see attached file and if you could please suggest a single formula that will provide the value and two separate formula that will shows the thresholds separately thank you
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    Help with charting

    Dear Friends, I am basic learner in charting. I have a file which involves multiple (more than 2) variables I would like to compare using charts Could you kindly suggest the best possible way to do this ? Thanks Jos
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    Lookup unique cell with date and time combined

    Hi Friends, I have attached a spread sheet. I would need to lookup a cell with unique value of date and time combined and then labelling them accordingly. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Friends Expense Split Model

    Hi, Using the public forums in here , I managed to partly build up a file that helps to split costs among friends. But I will need further help completing this. Please refer attached.
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    Look UP formula

    Hi Dear Friends I have the below items on which i need to do a lookup to get corresponsing values from the lookup data 0115 Storage 011544 Retail 0B1310 Fruits Look UP data is T1-B-0L1050 43.90 T1-L1-0115 24.20 T1-L1-011544 362.40 T1-L1-0B122944 2.00 T1-L1-0B1310 647.60 T1-L2-021058 26.80...
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    Index Match and Summing Query

    hello, Can you please refer attached spreadsheet and advise what is the rror in my indiex match formula and also suggest a formula for the particular summing in columns AL and AM Thanks
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    Replacement for SUMIF

    HI All, I am currently using a sumproduct formula SUMPRODUCT(($B5=Category)*($A$11=GL_Account)*(AC$2=Date)*(Amount)) When used in a file having massive data, the calculation is slowing down. Is there any way i can replace this with , say for example, INDEX MATCH formula which can speed up...
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    Index Match not working

    Hi, Could you please refer attached worksheet and help where i went wrong with the index match formula ? Thanks
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    IF with three conditions

    HI , I need help in building a formula to calculate Electrcity charges Example- Electrcity usage is 31,180 kilo watts Pricing would be- 1,1kilowatt to 2500 kilo watts would be charge $0.23 per kilo watt 2,Remaining kilo watts would be charges $0.32 per kilo watt 3, If no usage, price is 0...
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    Complicated lookup from a table with scales

    Hi Friends, If you could please attached spreadsheet and help advise a Vlookup formula. This involves breaking a cell value and apply different scales based on the table given. Any help would be appreciated
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    Drop Down list and supporting functionality

    HI Dear Friends, I stumbled upon a file I was working on when I had to create a Drop Down list with additional set of functionalities. I have attached my sample work with what I need, any help would be greatly appreciated I tried to strip down as much information as possible to upload on the...
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    Formula to convert date to Quarter

    Hi, I am having trouble converting month to Quarter If you see example below. Jun-13 is Quarter 2-13 Jul -13 should be Q3-13 and not as shown below Formula i am using is ="Q"&INT((MONTH(A1)/3)+0)&"-"&RIGHT(YEAR(A1),2) Please advise what went wrong Jun-13 Q2-13 Jul-13 Q2-13 WRONG Aug-13...
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    Formula to give 0 if no value in corresponding cell

    Hello please find attached file. I have a cell which has a date formula. Now i need to adjust this formula in such a way that this cell will display no date if there is no value in corresponding cell Please help
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    Date format issue in Pivot table

    Hi, I have a column where dates appear as (28/02/2015 12:00:00 AM) when i download data from source. I would like to create another column which shows the date as (Feb-2015) and another column with preceding date , say in this case , it'll be (Jan-2015) I can change these dates to the...
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    Sumproduct Slowing down my file

    Hi All, I have used sumproduct formula in the attached file and it seems to be slowing down my file. I am aware of the work around steps like changing calculation to Manual, but i was wondering if there was a substitute formula that i can use, the spreadsheet will keep growing in size month by month
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    Lookup with mutiple conditions

    HI Friends, Could you please help with a formula for the attached file. The file infact is a miniature version of a massive line. Formula to look up multiple conditions and then summing up values is what i am after, but using sumif would slow down the file if the list is maasive any...
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    Compare-text in different columns fall in same row

    HI Friends, I copied data from several files and I need to make sure the Text I had copied in to different columns fall in the same row. Using Column A as the base, I need tocompare columns C, E,G,I,L,N,P. Making sure all Text in the these columns fall in the same row as Column A. Once...
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    Date conditional formatting

    Hi Friends, COuld you please suggest a rules for conditional formatting cells with a date range- 05-May-2015 If given date is 14 days before today- highlight green If given date is 5 days before today-highlight yellow If given date is today or past today-highlight red Example - Today is...
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    Help with constructing a comparison graph

    Hi Friends, Could you please refer the attached data and help me the best way to get this on a line graph ? In the file I would like to compare "Revised" against "PLAN" and "LBE". There are quarterly figures appearing in the table as well. I am just wondering what is the best way to present...
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    Complicated Average Formula Help

    HI Friends, Could you please refer the attached Document and kindly suggest formulas for different types of averages ? I have asked this another forum as well. http://www.excelforum.com/excel-general/1065072-complicated-average-formula-help.html Excel Dumbo