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    Project Flight Calculator

    Hi. I am trying to automate a spreadsheet to calculate manning levels per roster crew as per attached spreadsheet (range C24:V27). I have tried many types of formulas (COUNTIF, OFFSET etc) without much success. I'm thinking it might be too much for a formula given the variables involved. Any...
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    Data validation based on adjacent cell

    Hi. I need to create a dependant data validation list based on the adjacent cell value. I have done this before as per link below http://www.contextures.com/exceldatavaldependindextablesindirect.html This method however does not suit my requirement. My spreadsheet is attached and my requirement...
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    Conditional Formatting of a Table using VBA

    Hello. I'm trying to apply VBA to conditionally format a table as per attached file. Specifically, I would like to use the table header references within the code. I can do this manually via the ribbon however Excel has a tendency to fail with conditional formatting when you insert rows hence...
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    Delete Power Queries and External Data Connections

    Hello. I have a workbook that I use to create a report for our client. It has 5 sheets and each sheet has it's own Data Connection (DC), 2 from Excel files, 3 from our company's proprietary software ie a .rpt connection. I have written a macro to filter each of these DCs, copy and paste visible...
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    Filter based on cell value and then export results to new sheet

    Hello, The intent of my spreadsheet is to use it as a 1 stop shop for pricing and tracking project variations. It is structured as follows; 1. Register - Summarises all data from Variations sheet 2. Variations - Data entry sheet to populate all variations information 3. Database - List...
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    Max date of each item

    I need a formula to provide the max date of each item. Formula needs to be in Column C of attached spreadsheet. Thanks in advance. Matt
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    Transpose Timesheet Table into Database Format

    I have an Excel table for entering timesheets into which needs to be converted into a database format for uploading into our accounting software. I have attached a file to show you what I'm after. Thanks in advance. Matt
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    Find MIN and MAX of numbers and text

    Hi all, I am trying to track revisions of drawings. Drawings have text revisions when they are not approved for construction and then revert to numbers when approved for construction. For example, in column A, Drawing No's are as follows with Revision No shown after the underscore; Drwg No...
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    Duplicate Occurence Number Count

    Hi all, My data in column A has duplicates. I am trying to write a formula in column B to identify the occurence number count of each duplicate. Desired results as follows; A B Red 1 Yellow 1 Green 1 Yellow 2 Blue 1 Red 2 Yellow...
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    Hi, I am creating a spreadsheet as follows; Sheet 1 - User entry form. Range A2:E10 have dependant drop down lists and a fixed set of headings in Cells G1-Z1. Lookup results will be displayed in Cells G2:Z10. Sheet 2 - Lookup database. VLOOKUP data in Range A2:E1000. HLOOKUP data in Range...
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    AB12.34 - How to extract "AB", "12" and "34" separately

    Hello, I have been given code numbers similar to above and need to extract the alpha and numeric characters separately. Examples of code numbers as follows; A1.1 A10.1 A10.10 AB1.1 AB10.1 AB10.10 As you can see each field is not fixed so the formula needs to adapt to suit. I have used the...
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    Merge cells with identical date value automatically

    I'm trying to create a basic Gantt Chart to plan our future workload for our estimating dept. I would like to be able to automatically merge the repetitive cells that contain the same year (ie on row 2) and also automatically merge the repetitive cells that contain the same month (ie on row 3)...
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    getpivotdata of multiple items from pivot table report filter

    I have a pivot table which shows the weather statistics for the past 50 years (rainfall & temperature). My pivot table has a Report Filter based on Year. I start with a Worksheet called Weather Data where all the raw data is input. From this I have created a Pivot Table and placed this on a...