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    Index, Match, Sumifs

    Hi: May be this? Thanks
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    Running Total -Pivot Table

    Hi May be this? Thanks
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    Scrape data single URL multiple pages with Power Query

    Hi: I believe if you pay for the service they will give you the APIs needed for these tabs unless you get the REST APIs for these tabs it cannot be extracted as these are separate tables. Thanks
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    XY Scatter plot (line is crooked)

    Hi: Un-check the smoothed line option.
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    Scrape data single URL multiple pages with Power Query

    Hi: Find the attached, I have written a function to paginate through all the pages in API connection. Thanks Nebu
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    Lookup value in column based on criteria

    Hi: Formula highlighted in yellow. Thanks
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    Overlay of normal distribution curve

    HI: May be something like this? Thanks
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    Hi: May be create a reference table and do a look up. Thanks
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    Formula is not giving correct answer

    Hi: Should this be your formula?
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    Array formula needed. Example sheet

    Hi: May be this using Power Query. Thanks
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    Power Query group by

    Hi: In the power query editor, select all the columns you want to group and click on the "Group-by" option from the menu. This will group all the selected columns at once. Thanks
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    How do execute a dynamic formula showing a list of invoice numbers in sequence

    Hi: May be this using power query. Thanks
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    Conditional Formula

    Hi: May be this? Thanks
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    Creating a list

    Hi: Solution using power query. Thanks
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    If > 10 and if < 10 formula

    Hi: May be this? =IF(B2>10,(10*(A2*1.5))+(B2*(A2*2)),B2*(A2*1.5)) Thanks
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    Unique Values from 2 Columns of a table to an array

    Hi: Codes added for unique records. Thanks
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    Unique Values from 2 Columns of a table to an array

    Hi: Since I had worked on a similar request here is VBA code for this. Sub blah() Dim tbl As ListObject Set tbl = Me.ListObjects("Table1") i& = Me.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row With tbl.Sort .SortFields.Clear .Header = xlYes .SortFields.Add...
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    Running Total base on Column values

    Hi: Find the attached. Formula in Green column. Thanks
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    Running Total Calculation

    Hi: Sheet 8 using power query and power query functions, there is no need to use Power Pivot. I guess Power query is a native function in Excel 2016. Just change your base data in excel spreadsheet and refresh the pivot in sheet 8 the pivot should update with new information. Thanks
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    Highlight Duplicated lines with multiple conditions

    Hi: There are two options - Use the file I uploaded as a template and transfer your data to the file I created - Copy the macro to the VBA Editor of the sheet where you have your data stored. It is a simple process if you know the basics of VBA. The error will be happening because the sheet...
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    Running Total Calculation

    @dgoscinski Add your data to the data model, if you are using latest version of excel follow the screenshot below. Once you add your data to the data model as above you will be taken to the following screen Click on the "Design" Tab highlighted in the above snapshot and select the Date...
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    Running Total Calculation

    Hi: Using Power Pivot and Data Models. Thanks