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    Largest number?

    What is the largest number that can be displayed in a cell? Seems like a simple enough question. But I for one was surprised by the answer - thanks to a Stackoverflow post I found recently.
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    Excel function reference

    The first sheet of the FuncList workbook attachment contains a formatted list of all functions and arguments and was created by copying the last two columns from the List sheet as text and pasting into the table. Array types are shown in bold; Reference types are shown in italics Value types...
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    Create an array of numbers

    A key to many Excel formulas is the ability to return an array of integers {1;2;...;n}. One of my hopes with each new release has been that MS would include a function that did this for you like =INTARRAY(n). It's easy to write such a function in VBA but then you may have to worry about...
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    Formula Challenge 022 - Find the item with the largest sum in a list

    Given a single column list containing text items with numbers following, find the item with the largest sum. For example in the following list your formula should return c (with a sum of 9). a 1 3 b 1 2 5 c 2 7 d 8 Your answer should be a single formula involving Excel functions only that...