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    Scatter chart where size of dots (circles) varies

    I'm replying to myself - went over to ManyEyes and found exactly what I'm looking for: http://manyeyes.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/page/Scatterplot.html Unfortunately I can't upload the data (I don't own it) to ManyEyes, and I need to do this in Excel.
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    Scatter chart where size of dots (circles) varies

    I read through every visualization post on PHD to find an answer this question. It was such a pleasure. I could spend all day fooling around with the neat visual stuff on Excel. I didn't find the answer, though, so I wanted to ask it here. I want to add a third variable to a scatter plot...
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    Creating horizontal bar charts by repeating a symbol? [SOLVED]

    I saw this once, but now that I have an opportunity to do it, I can't remember how it was done. I have a series of numbers and I want to create a bar chart by repeating a character. Like this: A B 10 |||||||||| 20 |||||||||||||||||||| 25 ||||||||||||||||||||||||| And...
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    Creating an interactive web page (calculator) based on an Excel sheet

    Thanks, Key Master. Nice haircut. Tried Zoho, importing a sheet with hyperlinks and vlookups, and everything came through beautifully. I'm going to try something more complex and play with the formatting to see if I can make it appear more "webb-y" and less "spreadsheet-y." I'm sure that I...
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    Creating an interactive web page (calculator) based on an Excel sheet

    Some people at my company create gorgeous models in Excel. Input new numbers, change the assumptions, everything recalculates and you get lovely charts and tables showing all kinds of interesting things. I would love to put these on the web - at least the main sheet which accepts the inputs and...