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    Native .xlsx to .shp

    Hello Ninjas Just wondering if there is a native way to convert an .xlsx to a ESRI .shp file. I have come across some python scripts on how to do this but trying to avoid the middlemen. Thanks! Sean
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    Using Slicer to change a range of cells values

    Hello Ninjas. I have a challenge where I would like to use a slicer to select a name from a range of names contained in a slicer. Based upon the name that is selected, I would like to have range of cells (D6:G20) return the status of modules assigned to that manager. No for the challenge. Is...
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    VBA to create a dynamic link from a dynamic range

    Good afternoon Ninja's. My VBA is not the best and I have been searching the internet for an example that I can make work but I haven't had any luck. What I am trying to do is link two columns that will be of variable length together. Once combined, this will be the path to a specific file and...
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    Construct a link to another workbook with Concatenate?

    I am trying to construct a dynamic link based upon the concatenation of variables contained in other cells. A1="AHU RTU4.xlsx" A2="//sharepoint/support/Arizona/2016" The concatenation would look like the following: =concatenate(a2,"[",a1,"]Table'!$B$2") This is where it becomes tricky. How do...
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    Merging Tables from a SharePoint site using Power Query

    Hello all and thank you in advance. I am trying to use Power Query to extract information from a folder in a SharePoint site. I have multiple tables in the folder and I know how to merge tables from a local folder but I am receiving an error when I try to do the same thing from SharePoint. I...
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    Auto populate a cell in another worksheet.

    Good afternoon all. Here is my scenario and any help would be appreciated. Lets say that in Worksheet 1, a condition is meet with a cell calculated value, is there any way have a text string in a cell in Worksheet 2 auto populated? Ex. Formula for cell B2...
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    Auto-incorporation of a calculation from a chart

    Hello Ninja and thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide in advance. I was wondering if there was a way to link the displayed equation of a line in a chart to a cell. Currently the value in the chart is: y=-1E-09x6+0.0003x5-33.945x4+2E+0610x2+1E+15x-7E+18 The...
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    How to recreate the equation of the line from an Excel graph.

    Good morning Ninjas. I am running into a situation where I would like to use the information provided by an excel graph with I ask that the equation of the line in exponential format be shown on the graph. The equation provided is y=0.9019e^0.0002x So, how do I use the data that goes into...
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    Problems with an If statement.

    First of all, thank you in advance for looking at this question because I feel silly posting it because I have done thousands of If statements in excel and this time I have had an error that is bizarre to me. The following is a copied from the spreadsheet...
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    Quick question that I haven't found an answer to. What is the difference between using Index and +index or any function where you use a "+" sign in front of the function name? Thanks!
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    Best free add-ins for excel

    I currently use a couple of different add-ins for excel and did a search on this website that wasn't successful. But there are so many awesome individuals on this site, perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing what are your favorite free add-ins for excel and why? Thanks in advance!
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    .xls opening without popup about "This workbood contains one or more links.."

    Good morning all. I have been using a spreadsheet on our company's sharepoint site that is in an Excel 2010 .xlsx format. I create other reports as an export from a completely different program and that program creates the documents in .xls without an alternate option. When I open my .xlsx...
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    Best Fit??

    Is there a function that I could use on three data points that would provide the best fit funtion for three data points. I have about 70 fans that I would like to use the affinity laws to predict the power consumption based upon speed. The kicker for me is due to the dynamics of the...
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    Using Developer

    I am currently using developer in the creation of a form. I would like to know how to do the following. If I create a check box and have the cell link =$N$7, then when I check the box, N7=TRUE. Here is the solution that I am looking for. If N7=TRUE, then I would like to have the contents of...
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    Looking up a value based upon two variables

    I am trying to find a value based upon a couple of variables contained within a different workbook. The first layer of filtering would be based upon site. The second layer would be based upon room within the site. The last would be based upon location within the room of the site. Not sure...
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    Max number of data points that HLOOKUP can reference?

    I am having issues with a spreadsheet not referencing all the data points in a seperate workbook. I have verified that the function works because if I change the reference name to one that is working, the data is pulled through (ex. "Flow Meter I S" works but "Flow Meter I F" does not. I am...
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    Concatenate to link cells and create a link across workbooks on a network drive

    Having a bugger of time with this one. Creating a short cut for users so all they have to do is enter a date. The date is broken down into year and month in seperate cells. I am then trying to link cells and text to create a pathway to draw data out of specific workbooks. Example. A1=Feb...