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    Need a VBA Yoda!

    I’ve attached a macro-form which we are using for purchasing requisitioning. The form will allow users to fill out certain fields (red headers), convert and email as a PDF. I’ve written some code but running into some issues – as the form needs to return to a “ready state” (meaning, clearing...
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    Excel Formula to Sort Warehouse Bin Locations

    Yes, this one works perfectly! Thanks!
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    Excel Formula to Sort Warehouse Bin Locations

    Hello, I need some help with a complex sorting problem in Excel. It has to do with sorting warehouse bin locations for physical inventory and cycle counting to aid count teams in a process structure to not miss any inventory. I've attached a worksheet with two tabs - one shows how a warehouse is...
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    So, in the cell, should it be =NA()? When adding these values in the cells, the R^2 value seems to be changing from about .78 to <.10. Intuitively, one would think that if the bars were relatively flat, the trend line values would be closer...or maybe the revised graph (using =NA()) should...
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    Here is the data setup: 1) Two years, by month, of on-time delivery metrics (% on y-axis), separated by trade and intra-company sales orders (x-axis). Bar graph. I want to draw a trend line, but I have gaps of missing data which should not affect the trend - how do I do it? More specifically...