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Recent content by Salahblr

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    count conditional formatted cells

    Hi Friends, It is a long time after which I am returning to this wonderful Chandoo Forum. The stars and planets have moved quite great distances since then. Hope you are all in great shape and I am excited to say Hello to every one here. The topic of counting cells with a certain CF...
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    New Dash to a Dashboard idea -- Help sought

    Better than a bar chart is a dial gauge to show variables that are sequentially lower or higher. For example, A transporting company has 93 trucks, of which 87 are available for service, of which 81 are on service of which 60 are running to full capacity. The Dial gauge would show a speedometer...
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    Hello .. Introduce yourself

    Hello Chandoo, I am an electrical engineer, currently busy developing some dashboards to show how good is our utility performance to our management. I want to make it as meaningful and sensible as it could be to help steer the company more effectively towards the corporate goals and planned...