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Recent content by maheshmurthi

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    Format Selective Columns in Table Totals Row

    Hi, I have a table with around 12 columns - of this only 6 are visible - have hidden rest of the columns by formatting with dark shades. This table is a template and gets copied when a new sheet is created. When the table gets copied to a new sheet and a new row is added through...
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    Refer Column by their Field Names

    Hui, Maybe I am doing it the wrong way ? Rows are around 80 K and fields are around 150-200
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    Refer Column by their Field Names

    Yes - I do agree. I've also tried naming the columns as a range with their field names - but dealing with over 150 fields and across multiple workbooks - am afraid it consumes memory and makes the processing slow Upto all the Ninja's I guess :-) With the King of Ninja's back from Australia...
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    Refer Column by their Field Names

    I've written a few macros using VBA and always refer to a particular column using Cells(x,y) or ActiveCell.offset(0,x) However, when some new fields were added in-between or some fields were removed from the base file - everything went haywire Is there anyway I can change my coding style...