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Recent content by DonMinter

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    On Save, update cell to Today's Date

    I think I haven't posted in like 5 years... "Hello!" to anyone who remembers me. I think the title is clear. I have a spreadsheet I wrote for our accounting department. It's just the expense reporting form. Right now, I have a field with Today() in it for the date. This is fine when...
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    Date Formating

    Cell format should be: yy-mmm-dd
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    Adding combo box to a cell

    Stupid me, again... Just after I posted above, I found the Data Validation link on the 'net. Sorry for the trouble, again. I hate slow connections, especially when they appear to be between synapses in my head. Question resolved: Use Data Validation and "list" then point to the list source...
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    Adding combo box to a cell

    Refer to Chandoo's guest post by Daniel Ferry: http://chandoo.org/wp/2010/06/02/excel-stock-quotes/ And specifically, to the workbook itself: http://img.chandoo.org/vba/activerange_yahoofinance_excelhero.com.xls I have been able to add a column to the range and get the column to populate...
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    Summing every 7th column

    Just a quick question: Would this have been easier with R1C1 notation? I don't use it, but maybe someone who understands it can reply.
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    Financial Calculation

    I have "answered" this post several times and erased my answer each time. I will not be posting my working spreadsheet. When I've completed the various sheets, I'll make them available to you, at least, SirJB. In layman's terms, this equation became: calculate the present value as my deposit...
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    Financial Calculation

    I got it. It was driving me crazy. I was looking at it wrong. Thanks for the help, SirJB!
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    Financial Calculation

    Thanks for the quick response, SirJB! That's along the lines of what I had working. Your example is basically a table/array where you can do the calculations. I was hoping there was a formula; however, I'm going to go back and analyze the values. I'm nearly certain this can be done within the...
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    Financial Calculation

    I know how to do the various financial functions (pmt, fv, cumipmt). I am trying to figure out a FORMULA for determining the following: Let us say I have an income that changes by an amount that can be determined by a formula. I want to put this income into an interest bearing account and...
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    How to conditionally sort values

    No, no sole, you do the times first. This will put all times in order. Then you sort by scratches, which will group the scratches with the times still in order. You sort them by "least important" to "most important" to put the most important as the main grouping. Try it my way and you will see.
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    Insert image based on conditions

    You don't provide much information, but my guess is that you might be able to use a lookup table with the locations stored there for each photo.
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    How to conditionally sort values

    The secret is merely sort order. First sort by times, then sort by scratches.
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    Excel to PDF Issue

    Shouldn't it be Curpath&"salarylsip"? I've done some VBA, but I'm just a novice. It seems you've built a variable near the top, then left it to flounder. Just my stab in the dark....
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    About XML in excel

    Narayan, Thanks for those links. After reading the first, and skimming the second and third, I reiterate my suggestion: Use a native XML editor if you plan to do any XML. DreamWeaver makes it much easier than the conglomeration I just saw. This is only marginally easier than wordpad, from what...
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    About XML in excel

    Vijay, XML is extensible markup language. It looks very similar to HTML (if you "view source" on a webpage, you can see some html coding). Basically, XML is a user-defined structure for storing data in such a way that it can be searched and retrieved very easily. In Excel 2007, Microsoft...